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Avalanches in The San Juan Mountains      Photos by J. Roberts

Building a home or buying land in the mountains? We can help you determine the level of avalanche hazard at your site.


We work with town and county planners to assist you with state and local regulations regarding avalanche hazard zoning submittals.


Our services include:

Avalanche Hazard Consulting for

homes, mines and governments.

Avalanche Forecasting for mining facilities

Winter Operations Plans for mines

Avalanche Safety Training for mines

Andrew Gleason M.S. has extensive experience in avalanche hazard forecasting and snow dynamics.

As a researcher for the Institute for Arctic and Alpine Research (INSTAAR) at the University of Colorado and as a former forecaster for the Colorado Avalanche Information Center, Andrew has 20 years of experience with avalanche hazard prediction in the Western US, Alaska and South America.

Andrew has been a member of the executive board of the American Avalanche Association and the papers chair for the International Snow Science Workshop. He is a AAA certified and AIARE certified avalanche instructor.

           Avalanche Hazard Study


           We will include the following information in            our avalanche study;


           -An evaluation and detailed discussion of the            site exposure to avalanche hazard.


           -An avalanche hazard analysis which utilizes            avalanche dynamics modeling and includes            expected design level pressures from            avalanche debris, avalanche velocities and            estimated snow heights


           -Estimated avalanche runout distances


           -Expected avalanche return periods using            dendrochronology if there are trees in the            vicinity of the subject property.


           -Preparation of an avalanche path map and an            avalanche hazards constraint map as is            required by the Colorado Geological Survey.

Output of estimated snow heights from AVAL-1D a Swiss avalanche dynamics model.

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