Geotechnical Engineering, Materials Testing and Engineering Geology

Trautner Geotech LLC

Our services include;


· Geotechnical engineering exploration for foundation design,

· Landslide evaluation and slope stability analysis,

· Geologic hazard studies and evaluations for land development projects,

· Avalanche Hazard Consulting for public and private entities,

· Geotechnical engineering evaluation of sites for pavement section thickness design,

· Material Testing of Soil, Concrete and Asphalt

· Contract Drilling for Geotechnical Exploration and

· Piezometer Installation

· NWL wire line core drilling services

· Tensional testing for Soil Anchors, Rock Anchors and Concrete Reinforcement Dowels (Pull out tests)

· Snow load testing on roofs

· Trautner Geotech is a CDOT (Colorado Department of Transportation) pre-approved consultant materials testing firm

· Trautner Geotech is a BP certified subcontractor and has passed the BP HSSE Safety Audit


                      Laboratory Services-


· Soil moisture content and dry density,

· Atterberg Limits tests which are used for general classification purposes of the samples tested

· Sieve analysis tests to assess the grain distribution of the samples tested

· Swell-consolidation tests, the results of which are used to analyze the expansion potential of the soil samples tested and as a basis for estimation of settlement of the foundation system chosen for the site.

· Direct shear strength tests to assess the strength characteristics of the soils tested and provide a basis for bearing capacity and lateral earth pressure design parameters.

· Moisture content-dry density relationships (Proctor) tests,

· California Bearing Ratio (CBR), which is utilized as part of the pavement section thickness design,

· Portland cement concrete compressive strength,

· Soil unconfined compressive strength

· Concrete mix designs

· L.A. Abrasion tests, for rock durability

· Hot Mix Asphalt Testing

· Masonry Testing


·                       Field Material Testing-

· Nuclear density gauge testing of soil and asphalt, moisture content of soils

· Concrete field testing, including slump, air entrainment and temperature

· Coring and evaluation of hardened concrete and asphalt


Materials Testing Certifications include:

ACI– American Concrete Institute

RMAEC– Rocky Mountain Asphalt Education Center

WAQTC– Western Alliance for Quality Transportation Construction

CRMCA– Colorado Ready Mix Concrete Association

NICET– National Institute of Certified Engineering Technicians

Nuclear Gauge Operator Safety Training– QAL-TEK Associates LLC.


  We perform geologic hazard assessments on sites where development is planned. We evaluate the potential influence of geologic processes and hazards as outlined in Colorado House Bill 1041. Our geologic hazard assessments include field reconnaissance, literature review and professional representation of our services at public meetings.

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